The most powerful prayer of petition

Human being utterly desires to get successful in every step of his life. Whenever you start a journey you should ask god for success. God almighty is kind and if he wants everything is possible. With hard working and ultimate devotion to god any attempt can get successful.

We should not only pray to God almighty for our success we also should pray for petition. The most powerful way of praying petition to god almighty is to write. Things become more specified when we write it out and it’s our duty fully understand what we are praying and what for.

Followers asked Jesus the way of praying and he showed us the way. Many people follow his shown way but don’t even know what they mean and actual purpose. But if they would understand it completely they could be more devoted. The whole point is to understand and better communication with Almighty.

Matthew 6a After this manner therefore pray ye:
He said “after this manner” He didn’t say “pray this.” In other words pray like this. He didn’t say this is what I want you to pray. In fact a couple verses before that he condemned using vain repetitions when we pray. So isn’t it weird that right after He told us not to use repetitions to the point of calling it vain He then immediately gave us a prayer to repeat? It’s not weird at all because He wasn’t giving us a prayer to repeat He was giving us an example of how to pray. I brought this up because part of that prayer was an example of the prayer of petition. The prayer of asking for things we need.

God inspired us to write down when he wanted to pass something. Many cultures passed their beliefs orally but if they’ve written it down it would’ve been completely unchanged. So, understand your prayer and write down your prayer whenever you ask something from god.


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