Prayer for Enlightening Your Life

To human ¬¬being, prayer is the only way that links to God. Prayer constitutes of human existential reality. Man can overcome loneliness in this universe by engaging themselves in this act. Every single moment spent during this act (prayer) free us from fear and pain. Through prayer human being become part of the great cosmological interdependence that is created by God.

Prayer is valuable believe of human being for sustaining in the world full of questions and uncertainty. Through this we can find the answers we seek for and create a balance in life. Prayer is essential to human as the sun for earth. Within hearts of humans there is lots of programmes of which is coded by God that man likes to connect with when there is no hope for light. Human utters words for forgiveness and to enlighten their world in prayers. Do these words whispered or resonating in hearts have any consequences? These prayers do seem to possess a cognitive importance.

A medical research published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice has proved that repetitive and sequential praying to human infants makes them respond to their stimuli. These infants respond to sequences of anger and laughter.

Jean Piaget, an established Psychologist has also done studies with children on their belief of God. He believes that children can relate more with God as they can relate with their parents. Their understanding of God is oriented by their parent’s role in their life. However, they experience a transformation in their cognition of God when they realize the ‘fallibility’ of their parents.

Through self-mortification, meditation, devotion, sheer solitude and invocation we establish authentic psychological practices which enlightens our soul and help us to link with the living reality of cosmos.


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