Moscow Architectural Institution Conducting Prayer Service for God’s Help

We all are compelled to follow God’s order and designated path in order to achieve success in our life. From this believe, a college in Moscow has commission a prayer service. The college followed an unusual path to protect it from its reputation problems. The college is placed in Russia’s notorious list of inefficient colleges. To get rid from this list and all of its reputation problems the college administrative followed the path of God and commissioned the prayer service.

Moscow Architectural Institute staffers commission the prayer service. Mikhail Shubenkov, the first deputy head of the institute stated the story as true. In the next Wednesday the prayer service will take place in an Orthodox Christian cathedral in Moscow.

The Institute is suffering from lots of odd problems and streak of bad lucks. They already have tried several ways to end the streak but they couldn’t be able to manage it. Now they’re turning to God and hoping that with the blessing of Almighty they’ll be able to get rid of these troubles.

In Orthodox Christianity, they normally pray for rain, health, safe journey or victory in battle. There is no prayer for reputational damages or problems with the powers that be.
But they intend to make an exception for this Institution and hold this prayer for them.

Russian Education and Science Ministry conducted a survey and announced the result in this November. According to this survey done by the Ministry, the Moscow Architectural Institute landed on a list of 136 Russian higher education institutions which are marked as inefficient.

Though the educational community criticized the survey for its vague and poorly thought out evaluation criteria but the Architectural Institution are taking the result seriously and now turns to God to help them.


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