How to Get Answer from GOD

When things went wrong, you are just frustrated and have nothing to do, we can do only one thing that is to do pray to the almighty God who created and look after us. God love us so he has given a way through which we can be connected with him and can ask something from him: by praying. However, prayer is more than just asking something or for something.

God wants relationship, a true relationship by communicating about everything that a person concerns. Building of that relationship needs some rules to be followed. If you need loan from a bank, you will have to provide all the information that the bank requires. And you still don’t know whether you will get it or not. When it comes to ask for something from God, there are some rules that must be followed strictly and if you pray in the right way, God will answer you.

When a religion talks about hearts, it is not considered as an organ pumping blood. It becomes talking about emotions. Men’s outward appearance isn’t a matter to God. He looks on the heart because this is what reveals the motives of a man. If our motive is pure, then surely God will answer.

What God expect from us is to believe on him; however, none can develop this trust or believe in a night. It’s a matter of time and it becomes stronger over the time. When you have strong faith in God, there is greater chance that God will answer you.

We live in a rush society and everything we want to build in a rush. When it comes to prayer, we must be patient as God makes all things beautiful for us in his time, not in our time. When God is taking time, you must be able to understand that he is taking time to make the things precisely what we have asked.


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