God’s Assistance in Our Daily Life

When I was only at 15, I asked god to enter my life since I perceived that I did not have the knowledge, patience, wisdom and endurance to live. Once I married 31 years ago and again I perceived that I needed the help of the One because all I wanted to be happy and without him, none is able to embrace happiness.

God is everywhere and he knows everything. All we need in our life is peace which only comes when we get perfection on a task and perfection won’t be there if God is not with you. This is why we need God to participate and bond with us on a daily basis.

How do you move to those levels with God? In order to get closer to God, you need to believe that he is the one caring for us and the almighty is always willing for us. Problems do always exist around us and I faced so many problems in my entire life. I can sense God is near because I solved those problems and I realized that God is helping me because I encountered some problems which seem to me as impossible to escape, but I did. It was only because God helped me.

There are so many problems we face in our daily life. You or your family may experience sudden health issues; you may get a bitter taste of a terrible business loss; you may spend money on your vehicle; maybe you are unemployed and looking for work; or perhaps, a health issue has stolen your ability to participate in an activity that would bring you joy. These are our daily problems. Maybe there are something more terrible waiting for you. When you have got closer to God, these problems can easily be solved. So ask God to help in your daily life.


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